Mark Walker MWalker at
Wed Jan 9 16:46:46 EST 2002

Fascinating stuff.  I hope it's not the beginning of the end, for I do not
really exist outside of this ether-world (well, save for my occasional
interface with the flora and fauna of the real one).

Here are just a few of the things about me that have offended at least one
of you out there:

I am an American
I kill bugs recreationally
I don't have a problem with releasing butterflies at weddings
I love and desire to serve Jesus, but mostly fail to do so
I can't stand to see habitat developed by humans
I am a Republican
I rarely pinch my specimens
I have an aptitude for the arts
I write too many posts
I don't think the Monarch is going extinct
I overuse "superficial personal style" (that is a quote)
I am a short-day Creationist
I favor butterflies over moths
I post both scientific and common names
I use an IBM, not a Macintosh
I use LEPS-L as a personal forum
I am a software engineer who focuses on Artificial Intelligence
I am not a trader of leps, preferring to catch all my own specimens
I go skinny dipping
I often find Paul's logic sound
I often post off topic
I don't like the idea of lepping-for-dollars
I am unorthodox, scatterbrained, and unorganized
I have thirty drawers of mounted specimens and an icebox full of papered
I am a fan of NFL football and Major League Baseball
I often value the well being of creatures above humans
I publicly reveal locations of where to find butterflies
I am a splitter (I think)
I am spineless and wishy washy
I am an avid outdoorsman
I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God
I try to be everybody's friend
I promise to do things and then forget
I am a heterosexual
I have friends who are not
I don't like big government
I talk too much
I take a butterfly net wherever I go
I am an Eagle Boy Scout
I prefer to keep off-road vehicles out of wilderness areas
I can publicly flame Neil, and then later send him species location info
My lists are too long, including this one

If you've been around here for awhile, you already know most of the above.
Based on the above, I doubt if there are any left on this list who embrace
the whole of me.  Actually, I'm certain that this all makes me an army of
one.  Such is life, and such is LEPS-L.  May it always be so, or I'm outta

Mark Walker



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