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Wed Jan 9 21:35:06 EST 2002

MARK----Pretty good self-profile. And daring.  I wouldn't dare try it (at
least not publicly).
but nothing on diet or family (there must be something you eat that you
        Pro-or anti- SUV's,  animal welfare, etc.  MIKE GOCHFELD

Mark Walker wrote:

> Fascinating stuff.  I hope it's not the beginning of the end, for I do not
> really exist outside of this ether-world (well, save for my occasional
> interface with the flora and fauna of the real one).
> Here are just a few of the things about me that have offended at least one
> of you out there:
> I am an American
> I kill bugs recreationally
> I don't have a problem with releasing butterflies at weddings
> I love and desire to serve Jesus, but mostly fail to do so
> I can't stand to see habitat developed by humans
> I am a Republican
> I rarely pinch my specimens
> I have an aptitude for the arts
> I write too many posts
> I don't think the Monarch is going extinct
> I overuse "superficial personal style" (that is a quote)
> I am a short-day Creationist
> I favor butterflies over moths
> I post both scientific and common names
> I use an IBM, not a Macintosh
> I use LEPS-L as a personal forum
> I am a software engineer who focuses on Artificial Intelligence
> I am not a trader of leps, preferring to catch all my own specimens
> I go skinny dipping
> I often find Paul's logic sound
> I often post off topic
> I don't like the idea of lepping-for-dollars
> I am unorthodox, scatterbrained, and unorganized
> I have thirty drawers of mounted specimens and an icebox full of papered
> ones
> I am a fan of NFL football and Major League Baseball
> I often value the well being of creatures above humans
> I publicly reveal locations of where to find butterflies
> I am a splitter (I think)
> I am spineless and wishy washy
> I am an avid outdoorsman
> I believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God
> I try to be everybody's friend
> I promise to do things and then forget
> I am a heterosexual
> I have friends who are not
> I don't like big government
> I talk too much
> I take a butterfly net wherever I go
> I am an Eagle Boy Scout
> I prefer to keep off-road vehicles out of wilderness areas
> I can publicly flame Neil, and then later send him species location info
> My lists are too long, including this one
> If you've been around here for awhile, you already know most of the above.
> Based on the above, I doubt if there are any left on this list who embrace
> the whole of me.  Actually, I'm certain that this all makes me an army of
> one.  Such is life, and such is LEPS-L.  May it always be so, or I'm outta
> here.
> Mark Walker
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