Can You Legally Collect in the Florida Keys

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Dear Leroy,
	After reading the abbreviated version mentioned below, I could find
nothing that says that the "demise was partially the fault of collectors".
Was this mentioned in the full article or has there been some reading
between the lines on your part?
---Best regards, Fred 

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	> Another in the example of the "Big Lie" presumably being fostered
by a
	> certain group. By the way, has anyone not seen the excellent
editorial by
	> Mr. Heppner, in rebuttal of the propagation of the "Big Lie" and
the naming
	> of collectors as "immoral". It appeared in September 2001 in the
	> Lepidoptera News. I'll gladly fax it or mail it to anyone who is
	> My opinion is that it needs to go on-line, but I'm waiting for

	I have a copy of John Heppner's essay with his permission to post. I
have been reluctatent to do so. This list sees enough battles over fly
do-do. If anyone would like to receive the article via e-mail, I will send
it off list as an MS Word attachment.

	In June of 2001, I e-mailed Mr. Glassberg and ask him specically
what his position was on collecting, the answer was read my articles to the
past issues of News of the Lep. Soc. He never said yes or no. This past
weekend, he ballasted collectors in articles in the south Florida
newslpapers, claiming the demise of the Cyclargus thomasi bethunebakeri
(Miami Blue) was partially the fault of collectors and if the species is not
list (ESA), collectors will wipe it out! An abreviated version of the
artical at:

	Mr. Glassberg is what he is!


	Leroy C. Koehn
	Georgetown, KY


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