Glassberg tells reporters collectors "could wipe out" the Miami Blue

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Wed Jan 9 20:12:04 EST 2002

Heath, Fred wrote:
> Dear Leroy,
>         After reading the abbreviated version mentioned below, I could find
> nothing that says that the "demise was partially the fault of collectors".
> Was this mentioned in the full article or has there been some reading
> between the lines on your part?
> ---Best regards, Fred

Fred, here are snips from the full article
(Oh yes I fully expect someone will say Glassberg was quoted
out of context)

Paul Cherubini
For Glassberg, every day that ticks by increases his fear
that the butterfly will be gone forever.

"It's hard to imagine more of an emergency situation,'' he said. 
"The only known colony in the U.S. is this small place in the 
Keys, faced with all sorts of possible threats: hurricanes, 
butterfly collectors, mosquito spraying. Any
of those could wipe the Miami Blue out.''


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