Proserpinus clarkei

Gary Anweiler Edmonton Alberta Canada gganweiler at
Wed Jan 9 21:54:02 EST 2002


In Hodges 1971 MONA Fascicle on the Sphingidae he includes Alberta in the
range of Proserpinus clarkiae.  I am not aware of other records or reports
of this species for the province. It has apparently been included on the
Alberta Lepidoptera list based on this cryptic report. My intention is to
remove it from the list unless the source of this statement can be
identified and record verified.  Does anyone know of any records of this
moth for Alberta, or have any idea what Hodges based this statement on ?
Jim Tuttle, what say you ????

Thanks in advance.

Gary Anweiler, Alberta Lepidopterists' Guild, Edmonton Alberta Canada


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