Glassberg tells reporters collectors "could wipe out" the Mia mi Blue

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Jan 10 03:28:13 EST 2002

You can call him a Wise Use Commandant if you want, but Ron is absolutely
right about this.  Randy Emmitt will have to comment after his upcoming
photography trip.  There's very little habitat left between developed
properties, and almost none of it is left to the weeds.  I've looked for
Balloon Vine with Dave Fine (he's out of Ft. Lauderdale) on several survey
trips throughout the keys in the last three years, and whenever it shows up
- it is quickly mowed, pruned, or destroyed by mosquito spraying.

Mark Walker

Ron wrote:

> bet a lot of
> people in the Keys area who want to see the cute little blue 
> protected are
> unknowingly killing them off by making sure the ugly Balloon 
> Vine stays off
> their yard's fence, golf course, highway right of way, and 
> any where else
> that might ugly up the renowned manicured look most of south 
> Florida loves.
> So blame everyone and everything else -- but don't blame the 
> residents in
> the highly maintained average urban lots or high end estates who have
> destroyed its habitat.  Don't blame overpopulation, poor 
> urban planning,
> the highway dept., or the Conchs (locals), or recognize the 
> natural alien
> species cycles in the Keys.
> Ron Gatrelle


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