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Thu Jan 10 10:51:38 EST 2002

Thank you for such an early morning smile regarding Pharr TX. After
reading some of Freeman's writings I traveled to the area in the 
mid-90's to trace some of his steps. Wow! Now that I think about it
that was all the way back in the 1900's. Naturally it had changed 
much since since the 40's but it was a very worthwhile excursion. 
For me the highlights were seeing the wild parakeets at the University 
Campus since I also studied ornithology early on, and seeing my first 
K.lyside really did it for me. So thanks for giving me a reason to
put my feet up and try to imagine that the 12 inches of snow in my yard 
is actually the warm sand of Boca Chica, a great place for photographing
Scissor-tailed flycatchers

Mark Walker
In your very cool RE: THE LIST - FINAL posting I am confused by your
statements of;
"I don't have a problem with releasing butterflies at weddings" 
"I don't like the idea of lepping-for-dollars"

Did you mean the selling of collected specimens or the selling 
butterflies for release? 

Rick Mikula


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