Creation or divine evolution

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Thu Jan 10 07:46:45 EST 2002

It is finally cold and wintry and the nearest butterfly is probably two months
And this thread is at least partially related to leps.

Ron's distinction between creation as a belief and creationism postulated as
science is a good clarification.
In 8th grade science our biology teacher (actuallyl the P.E. teacher) mentioned
evolution and the relation of humans to apes.
One of the girls who thought it was a nice story asked, "but you don't really
believe that happened, do you".
It was the disbelief in her voice, and his somewhat hesitant "yes", that
focused my attention on "how we got here" as an interesting question.

But, it seems to me, having spent more of my time in ornithology than
entomology, that there is a higher proportion of those who favor creation or
creationism among the latter than among the former.  I wonder if that's really
true.  Or maybe ornithologists are too hung up to admit (or come to grips with
what they believe).

Or maybe it's the incredible complexity of butterfly wings?

Or----any other suggestions?

My religion professor in college had a graduate degree in physics.  Indeed I
remember that at least two of our  physics profs at Oberlin were also
ministers. We assumed that scientists went into physics rather than biology if
they had a need for putting the world in order (religion does that better than

Anyway his explanation of evolution is that an omnipresent creator set the
evolutionary wheels in motion and let natural selection do the rest (without
divine oversight).

Mike Gochfeld


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