Glassberg tells reporters collectors "could wipe out" the Miami Blue

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Ron, Mark and All,

We have finally summed up the ecology of Florida. In order for things
to "work" man is at severe risk from floods, high winds and in
periods without them of not having water. In other times he gets "his
little" home in the woods" burned as the cycle of fire, so neccessary
for the ecosytems makes its warm self known. 

That being said, we have people here and apprarently too many more
wanting to come here and help destroy the very neat things they are
intrigued by in the first place, Well that is human. As far as
endangered species, the most improtant part about there protection
and the legislation neccessary to do so is not their _intrinsic_value
or even their "importance to the ecoystem". The important thing is it
enables us to see an ecosytem in trouble or off balance at the very
least. If we are going to be able to manage as scientists, we are
going to have to be able to respond to these situations inteligently.
To sit back and let nature take its course when we are so much a part
of things, for better or worse, would be utter foolhardiness.

As, it looks like we, on this list, REACTIONARY (not politically), to
say the least, we are always quick to react to an implied threat to
the right to collect. And sure as hell, some are going to try to get
back to that debate. Well there is no debate. We have won it on this
list. Glassberg is not the villein (sic) we try to make him, atleast 
not in a proveable way. His implication that _collectors_ are a
threat to this truly endangered species, are certainly there. He
makes it seem like we are are vandals. But is that really a fair
derivation. Any yoho who buys a he really one of us. This
thing, collecting butterflys, started with rich idle people, the same
type who made orchids a status thing, "COLLECTING " like stamps. I
see nothing wrong with that, even in todays society. However, are
they really who we mean when we say "collectors". Are they in any
evidence or nnumbers on this list? Should dealers be defended on this
list? Other than their legal right, diue to lack of legislation(ugh!
that word again) are they even germain to our interests. 

We are scientists (Amateur and professional) or at least hobbyists of
natural history. So what is the big deal other than being alert. I
will say more of this on closing. I don't think so and neither does
Glassberg (publically at least). However, he feels that "collectors"
might go to any length to "get" a potentialy valuable "speciman"
before it is too late. I think any pause for thougth on this subject
might make this acceptable as a plausibe explanation. What NABA does
to popularize these bugs is worth our occaisional jitters at
Glassberg. We (professional lepidopterists, serious amteurs and want
a be's) are not in any danger. However we must watch that public
sentiment does not go to the extreme. One way to do this is to have
an enlightened and intelligent approach to endangered species. 

The bottom line is come to Florida and collect the Miami Blue and
we'll kill ya :)

Bob Parcelles, Jr.

PS: due to health reasons pardon the oncurrence of Dypslexia in some
privious [posts. When I type slowly, it seems the neuropthathy is
overcome and I don't see typos until it is too late. Thats just in
case some body has the gonads to flame me and have his address in the
signature when I am moving head north when the ice thaws. I love
Canda in spring...just an old looter and shooter from Nam.

Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
rjparcelles at
"Change your thoughts and you change your world."
- Norman Vincent Peale

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