Glassberg tells reporters collectors "could wipe out" the Miami Blue

Dr. James Adams jadams at
Thu Jan 10 15:32:26 EST 2002


         Okay, I couldn't stay out.

         In reference to my previous post, it also bothers me that a lot of 
the potential legislation to protect species only comes *when they have 
already been reduced* in number to practically nothing.  I know that this 
is not always the case and that I am simplifying, but I think you 
understand my point.

         Also, before I make this next statement, please understand I am 
*not* condoning collecting anything that is seriously endangered.  But 
without appropriate protection, if a species is *going   to go extinct*, 
would you not rather have the last specimens some place you can study them 
than simply gone?  I will admit to you that I would rather have seen the 
last 300 to 400 Xerces blues in a collection available to scientists 
somewhere than bulldozed into the ground under an airport.  But, of course 
you cannot foresee extinction as a certainty, and so cannot condone 
collection of such species.

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