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Thanks to all who responded on the degreasing problem. One more question: 
the specimen I intend to degrease has been already spread (ie the specimen 
on my web pages). Will submerging it in eg ethyl acetate for some hours 
relax it, or will it remain unaffected?


At 22:17 10.01.2002 -0900, Kenelm Philip wrote:

>         Greasy specimens can be cleaned by total immersion in a number of
>solvents. Ethyl acetate will work, but so will white gasoline. Immersion
>times can run from an hour or so to a few days--and a second immersion for
>a short time in a clean batch of solvent may help. Immersion and removal
>must be done with care, so that surface tension does not break the wings.
>After removing, use a hair dryer on low to 'fluff out' any fringes.
>         Needless to say, an open container of gasoline in one's lab is not
>exactly safe, so you should do this outdoors (temperature permitting), or
>in a relatively fireproof enclosure.
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