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Fri Jan 11 12:32:27 EST 2002

>Niklas wrote:

>  One more question: the specimen I intend to degrease has been already 
> spread (ie the specimen on my web pages). Will submerging it in eg ethyl 
> acetate for some hours relax it, or will it remain unaffected?

Actually, I have experienced drooping or slight change of wing position 
problems upon submerging specimens in acetone (it does not happen 
frequently).  (You may also notice the edges of the wings curling as the 
solvent volatilizes.)  If there has been a slight wing position change, you 
can reset the wings *immediately* upon removal from the solvent (before it 
has dried), assuming the change is  not appreciable.  The specimen will at 
best be only slightly flexible.


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