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ian john waller ian at ijwaller.demon.co.uk
Sat Jan 12 06:52:27 EST 2002

In article <6AA1CFDDE237D51190160000F805064D27A0F5 at hqmail.gensym.com>,
Mark Walker <MWalker at gensym.com> writes
>I have been pointedly asked by an unnamed person to refrain from using
>LEPS-L as a personal platform (no, it wasn't Valerie).  I do not deny that
>I've enjoyed the opportunity to do so for over six years.  If that is the
>general consensus, then I will indeed cease from doing so.  Please - if you
>agree with this sentiment, email me personally and when I get ten emails
>confirming it - I'll comply.
>Mark Walker
>Oceanside, CA

Mark, while I am not a collector, I do thoroughly enjoy reading your
excellent field reports. If I was honest, I am green with envy at the
diversity you enjoy.

Your self portrait was also very refreshing and brave.

Don't let the sour apples get you down.

Keep on posting, please.

ian john waller

The Butterflies of Northumberland and Co. Durham


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