NABA proposes policy that could harm nearly 1,000,000 Painted Ladies

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Sat Jan 12 11:17:58 EST 2002

--- Paul Cherubini <monarch at> wrote:
> The following appeared in the current copy of American Butterflies 
> published by NABA:
> "We urge you to write the USDA and make the following points:
> The proposed regulations can not adequately meet the needs of 
> scientists interested in tracking migratory movements of Painted 
> and/or American Ladies. At the least, the USDA should require 
> small color dots on farmed butterflies intended for release, so 
> that butterfliers can recognize individuals in the field as far
> animals, not wild butterflies."
> Each year Insect Lore, a California based Painted Lady breeding 
> operation supplies schools, brides, grooms, widows and widowers
> with nearly 1,000,000 Painted Lady caterpillars or chrysalids. When
> the adult Painted Ladies emerge, they are released without ever
> having 
> to forcibly handle or manipulate the butterflies in anyway. For
> example,
> in the case of wedding and funeral releases, each Painted Lady
> adult 
> is packaged in its own little box that springs open after a
> securing 
> string is removed.
> Now if brides, widowers and school children are required to
> forcibly 
> hold down a fragile and struggling Painted Lady, while trying to
> paint 
> colored dots on them, the risk of butterfly injury is obviously
> going 
> to be high.
> NABA's proposed colored dot marking policy appears to contradict
> it's website mission statement:  "NABA, a non-profit organization,
> is working to promote the public enjoyment and conservation of 
> butterflies."
> Paul Cherubini


This is one time I agree with you wholeheartedly. While, I still
question m"mixing up populuations", I think statisticaly this might
be going to extremes.


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