UV Lights and Butterflies

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My experiences are more than likely minimal when compared to some true moth 
fanatics. I have recorded all the butterflies that I have taken in a light 
trap and at my rig. To date, 141 species. All in North America.

The most butterflies occurred along the Rio Grande River at Fronton, Starr 
County, TX, 20 Oct. 1996. Well over 25 Asterocampa antonia and A. leilia came 
to my light rig with 2 - 175 Watt MV, 4 - 40 Watt BL and 4 - 275 Watt Sun 
Lamps. I must note that there were thousands of them on the wing. A bait trap 
along the river a few hundred feet, contained over 600 earlier during the day.


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