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Patrick Foley patfoley at
Sat Jan 12 17:58:41 EST 2002

Dear Lepsters,

Bioquip appears to have D'Abrera's 2001 Concise Atlas of the Butterflies
in stock. This has a picture of almost every butterfly genus at 65%
size. (Disclaimer: I have no stock in Bioquip,
and I have not yet received my copy.) Bioquip seems to have the nearctic
distribution monopoly on this work, and the book  is sure to be of some
use to many on this list.

On the subject of worldwide leps lists:
Smart 1975 Illustrated encyclopedia (and other titles and dates) gives
all the genera for some families, all the tribes for others to save
Niklas Wahlberg's suggested Markku Savela's website

and it is indeed astonishing, though not as compact as a list.

Any other lists?

patfoley at


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