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Well said
                                            René Boutin

ian john waller wrote:

> In article <6AA1CFDDE237D51190160000F805064D27A0F5 at hqmail.gensym.com>,
> Mark Walker <MWalker at gensym.com> writes
> >I have been pointedly asked by an unnamed person to refrain from using
> >LEPS-L as a personal platform (no, it wasn't Valerie).  I do not deny that
> >I've enjoyed the opportunity to do so for over six years.  If that is the
> >general consensus, then I will indeed cease from doing so.  Please - if you
> >agree with this sentiment, email me personally and when I get ten emails
> >confirming it - I'll comply.
> >
> >Shalom,
> >
> >Mark Walker
> >Oceanside, CA
> Mark, while I am not a collector, I do thoroughly enjoy reading your
> excellent field reports. If I was honest, I am green with envy at the
> diversity you enjoy.
> Your self portrait was also very refreshing and brave.
> Don't let the sour apples get you down.
> Keep on posting, please.
> --
> ian john waller
> The Butterflies of Northumberland and Co. Durham
> http://www.ijwaller.demon.co.uk/butterfly.htm
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