Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Sun Jan 13 13:42:16 EST 2002

Richard Worth wrote:
> Hey group,
> Speaking of green coloration, does anyone know what that blue-green
> staining is that you sometimes get on Pierids when you try to relax
> them?  I've seen it in both those that were relaxed in glassine
> envelopes and those not.  I originally thought it was something in
> the envelopes but maybe not.  I never see it until relaxing begins.
> Is there a remedy?
> Cheers,  Rich

This is just a thought.  If this is something that occurs uniquely to
certain groups, Pierids, it indicates a chemical difference from other
butterfly groups.  Maybe the chemical(s) that this group possess (that
other butterfly groups don't have) react with the fungicide in the
relaxer, resulting in a compound that gives the blue-green color. Change
the fungicide?  I use PDB, but have not relaxed enough pierids to notice
whether I get a blue-green color.


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