NABA proposes policy that could harm nearly 1,000,000 Painted Ladies

Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Sun Jan 13 18:03:21 EST 2002

Paul Cherubini wrote:

> So I showed what Painted Ladies might look like if painted
> with colored dots or other conspicuous markings:
The above URL did not show up in the original message I got, unless you
are referring to a previoius message I had not seen, or did not read (I
don't read everything).

> I then explained that since about 1,000,000 Painted Ladies
> are shipped to schools, brides and widowers in the larval
> or pupal stage, these inexperienced people would likely
> injure the fragile butterflies while trying the hold them
> down for painting.  Therefore I concluded that a
> consequence of NABA's painting requirement is that
> 1,000,000 butterflies would be at risk for injury and
> suffering.
Okay. I see now this is the point you were making. I should have read
your post more carefully because I jumped to the perception that you
were talking about 'natural' populations. I'm a little uncertain,
though, about the basis of your concern for the risk of injury and
suffering of the butterflies.  As you pointed out in a previous message,
currently butterflies actually 'die' in shipment so why all of a sudden
the concern regarding NABA?  To stop the injury, suffering, and death of
butterflies destined for release, as well as the ones actually released,
just stop the releases.  That seems the humane thing to do, if one is
sincerely concerned about their safety.  

> > if it is not possible for dots to be put on butterfly
> > wings before the butterflies are shipped to the customer
> > then that kind of business activity (in this case shipping
> > pupae) will have to cease.
> Yes, I agree Stan, if teachers decided that NABA's painting
> requirement was too difficult to for the children to
> accomplish without injuring the adult butterfly then they
> would likely stop purchasing the half million Painted
> Lady caterpillars they buy annually.  Ditto in the case
> of brides and widowers that purchase a couple hundred
> thousand Painted Lady chrysalids.
Again, I do not know if the proposed regulations I referenced in my
previous message would require the customer to put the dots on.  My
feeling is that the vendors would be responsible for this, not the
customer, and since they cannot do this to a butterfly in the pupal
stage, they would be forced by the government to stop the practice of
selling pupae.  Again, could you provide me with the section number,
e.g., 330.204, or page number(s) that supports your interpretation (that
widowers and children and brides but not bridegrooms would have to put
on the numbers).  I should point out that I have not kept up, like you
and others more personally affected, with all the proposed regulations
and other correspondences going on.  If I seem ignorant of this area it
is because I actually am.



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