NABA proposes policy that could harm nearly 1,000,000 Painted Ladies

Paul Cherubini monarch at
Sun Jan 13 19:37:08 EST 2002

Stan wrote:

> To stop the injury, suffering, and death of butterflies
> destined for release, as well as the ones actually released,
> just stop the releases.  That seems the humane thing to do, 
> if one is sincerely concerned about their safety.

Stan, currently the Painted Ladies destined for release rarely 
suffer or die because they are shipped as caterpillars and chrysalids
and released by schools, bridegrooms, widowers, etc. when they hatch.
Indeed, in this way, commercial Painted Lady breeders and their
customers are responsible for successfully adding about 
1,000,000 Painted Ladies to the environment each year. Even
Jeff Glassberg and Bob Pyle agree on that point.

> Again, could you provide me with the section number, 
> e.g., 330.204, or page number(s) that supports your 
> interpretation (that widowers and children and brides
> but not bridegrooms would have to put on the numbers). 

Stan, the government is not proposing any regulations
to put colored dots on Painted Ladies. This is
all NABA's idea.  The whole point of all my posts on this
subject is make leps-list aware that NABA's "colored 
dot requirement" (if implemented by the government) could 
end up causing alot of butterfly injury, death or suffering.

Paul Cherubini


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