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Well, if you want a relatively up to date list of all species and genera 
belonging to the subfamily Nymphalinae, go to . I 
say relatively, because I'm still digging out all the relevant revisions 
for all the genera. For instance, I know that the latest Systrematic 
Entomology has a revision of the genus Hypanartia, but I haven't had the 
time to go to the Swedish Museum of Natural History to copy it (our idiotic 
library cancelled it's subscription to Syst Ent in 2000). Also, I guess the 
format of my pages is not the most ideal for downloading and copying. I am 
a newbie at making web pages, so any advice regarding how to make lists 
accessible to others would be appreciated! As for the Nymphalinae 
checklist, I hope to one day be able to list all the synonyms under each 
species, but that day is unfortunately far away. I also have Don Harvey's 
classification of the Nymphalidae at , 
but this is a list of genera and the higher classification will change once 
we get a handle on the phylogenetic relationships of the genera (for 
instance, Harvey's Limenitidinae is polyphyletic).

I know there are several people working on the systematics of different 
groups of Lepidoptera. May I suggest that each one of you does something 
similar to what I have done with your own group? I would be happy to have a 
web page with links to all global lists of Lepidopteran species!


At 12:28 13.01.2002 -0800, Doug Yanega wrote:
>Pat Foley wrote:
>>Niklas Wahlberg's suggested Markku Savela's website
>>and it is indeed astonishing, though not as compact as a list.
>>Any other lists?
>I've been seeking any and all electronic worldwide Lep lists for over a 
>year, and have yet to find one that is genuinely comprehensive and 
>up-to-date. Markku's is indeed the closest thing, but for my purposes the 
>interface is problematic (as noted, it is NOT compact); what I'm looking 
>for is an actual straight list/table of names that can be viewed all at 
>once and/or downloaded as a single file. My goal is to develop a 
>relational database for entomology museum curators. I already have a 
>complete hierarchy for the Insecta from family level up, and below that 
>only have a certain set of taxa for which I have complete global generic 
>and/or species lists (Collembola, Embioptera, Mecoptera, Ephemeroptera, 
>Trichoptera, Odonata, Mantodea, Apoidea, Sphecoidea, Chalcidoidea, 
>Proctotrupoidea, Ichneumonidae, etc.). Lepidoptera is a noticeable and 
>surprising gap. If there are people here working on (or interested in 
>working on) global - NOT REGIONAL - generic *or species* lists for any 
>groups within the Lepidoptera, I'd like to hear from you. I'll happily 
>convert flat files or spreadsheets with the appropriate data into database 
>format, and will also happily convert database files into HTML tables, and 
>make them available on a website, with appropriate credit. For one example 
>of a database I've compiled and posted, visit my "Bee Genera of the World" 
>page at to see the sort of 
>file I'm talking about.
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