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Tue Jan 15 12:00:51 EST 2002

I have long been a proponent of late night rest room mothing and found 
it is the best place to make lepidoptera converts. I love it because
it always starts out the same. 

Picture this
Some poor guy needs to use the facility and walks in first to see me
which is scary enough. I am 5' 11', 200 pounds with a full beard 
and hair that nearly touches my belt in the back with some left over 
Navy tattoos and I am holding a net. After the initial "Holy S**** 
where did you come from" and some very weird looks, once they are 
finished with their original purpose while washing their hands they 
usually work up the nerve to ask 'What heck are you doing.' After a 
quick explanation and pointing out several of the more colorful 
specimens we then become a party of two.

When the next person happens in on two nuts with nets, my 'newbie" 
is very anxious to point out what we have found and we become a party of 
three. I remember one time in Stone Harbor NJ  being in the rest room
with nearly a dozen people and some men actually went back to get their 
sons. It usually turns into an impromptu lep program but it is all worth 
it just to hear one of the kids yell out from the pool the next day. 
Yo there's that butterfly dude.

Rick Mikula


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