Dr. James Adams jadams at
Wed Jan 16 16:34:06 EST 2002

Chris wrote:

>I suspect there has been more lep poaching in park restrooms than in any 
>other protected area. The sheer magnitude boggles the mind, but it is but 
>a fraction of the numbers decimated by maintenance personnel at these 
>facilities while cleaning up.

Hi, Chris!

I have more than once been severely tempted in such circumstances, 
especially when there are *dead* leps lying in the windowsills of those 
very bathrooms.  Ironic, isn't it, that collecting is *so* regulated (and 
I'm *not* saying it shouldn't be in national/state parks) and yet in the 
name of convenience we construct gigantic bug traps (restrooms) in those 
same parks, not to mention allowing people to drive those big bug killing 
machines in and out of said parks!


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