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Tue Jan 22 02:44:48 EST 2002

--- Paul Cherubini <monarch at> wrote:
> Anne Kilmer wrote:
> > So you reckon that, wafted by a hurricane, Monarchs, for
> instance, quit
> > flying when the lights go out? 
> Yep, I agree with Bob Parcelles that below certain light
> frequencies and
> thresholds, butterflies are probably functionally incapable of
> oriented flight 
> and end up crashing into objects or the ground (or ocean).


[[[Rather than use Null Hypotheses, might it be possible that
light/temp(? ) might have a continuum with lower thresholds in some
species allowing migratory species to utilize that factor. I find
myself unable to accept that large, huge masses are falling into the
drink when migrating. Of course, if one beleives that Monarch, for
example, numbers are so LARGE; then he might accept that loss as
insignificant. We know from antedote that some butterflys fly at
night. Now they might be nerds who are exceptions but they also could
be expressing a lower threshold to light/temp as a determing factor
upon which they cease to fly. If we are going to use antedotal
science ...lets wait till we see 100,000 monarchs "go oops!, I blew
it! It is dark and I have to learn to swim,...end of story]]]

[[[If we could measure this light limiting factor and find a range of
thresholds by just might correlate to some that migrate.
It would seem that such an abundant and "weedy" (remember that one,
Paul?)species as the monarch would have that adaptation if any would.

If it is the case that millions are dropping into the gGulf and
banging into the sides of mountains, then the they are certainly at
risk if we hav e a long cloudy spell. Paul, maybe you could help us
prserve the monarch. I know a kindly, man Sweetbrair Virginia who
could certainly use your talents ;-) ]]]]


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