the way it was in suburban habitats

Robert Kriegel kriegelr at
Wed Jan 23 13:49:11 EST 2002

I stand corrected on my previous post.  Roger Kuhlman provided a voucher of
Erynnis baptisiae from Northeast Area Park in Ann Arbor to one of our
Michigan Lepidoptera Survey cooperators.  That record has not yet been
incorporated it into the database so I was unaware of its existence.

In this park and several other areas in Southeast Michigan Roger's group
has found this butterfly in association with Crown Vetch.  When the
Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources originally listed the special as
threatened they were only aware of it feeding on wild indigo.
Unfortunately, now that it is listed it will take vouchers from a
substantial number of localities to get its listing changed.

Bob Kriegel 
Bath, MI


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