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Thu Jan 24 09:16:47 EST 2002

In response to Paul's comments Hank wrote:

>And it also does not mean that NABA members are forbidden to collect. MANY 
>DO!!! Our field trips tend to contain 15 to 20 people.  Imagine what would
happen if 
>all those folks started waving nets around.  IT WOULD NOT WORK!!!

As a teaching assistant in several undergraduate and graduate level
entomology courses we regularly took this many, or more people into the
field and _required_ them to wave nets around and collect.  At various
times such field laboratory sessions focused on butterflies, moths, aquatic
insects, even immatures.  Even in introductory level undergraduate courses
it worked quite well.  Although, I suspect some students did not fully
appreciate the unique learning experience provided by Dr. Fred Stehr's
'roadkill' excursions for immature Coleoptera and Diptera!

Bob Kriegel
Bath, MI


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