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Get a load of the article sent to me by Gene Tiser. I think it's high time
that fishermen, hunters, and Lepidopterists got together.

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> I was afraid of that as soon as I sent it.  Here is a direct copy of the
> article from the St. Cloud Times (I was going to send their web connection
> address but I can not locate their archival files and their search engine
> does not recognize the story today): 
> 23 January, 2002 
> PETA works to ban fishing in state parks 
> Associated Press 
> WINONA -- Minnesota anglers like their fishing enough to wake up before
> dawn
> in the summer and sit on thin ice in the winter, so they probably won't
> take
> kindly to the latest campaign by an animal-rights group. 
> People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals wants Minnesota to ban fishing
> in state parks. "Impaling him on a hook and ripping him out of his
> environment is cruelty to animals, plain and simple," said Dan Shannon,
> who
> is leading PETA's "Fishing Hurts" campaign. 
> The group launched its campaign by sending a letter to Bill Morrisey,
> Department of Natural Resources director of parks and recreation. 
> "The violent process of fishing and its consequences do not complement the
> peace and tranquility of a state park," Shannon said in the letter. 
> Speaking last week from PETA's Norfolk, Va., headquarters, he said this is
> the animal-rights group's first anti-fishing campaign. It also began
> lobbying in Louisiana, Kentucky, Missouri and Michigan. 
> "Fishing is just hunting in the water," Shannon said, adding that
> Minnesota
> already bans hunting in state parks. "The scientific evidence clearly
> states
> that fish can feel pain." 
> In a return letter sent to Shannon last week, Brad Moore, the DNR's
> assistant commissioner for operations, said he does not believe anglers or
> their activities are damaging to state parks. "We have no intention of
> banning fishing in state parks," Moore wrote. 
> Shannon said that because fish don't make a noise or a facial expression,
> they receive less sympathy from the public than do mammals and birds, he
> said. 
> Garry Barvels, manager of Whitewater State Park, said he didn't understand
> why PETA would send the letter. 
> "They're not really hurting the fish that way," Barvels said. Of the PETA
> campaign, he said, "I don't know how to even answer those people." 
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