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Rudy Benavides rbenavid at hotmail.com
Thu Jan 24 10:34:07 EST 2002

Stan Gorodenski <stanlep at extremezone.com> wrote:

This will sound 'corny', but I've been told that some consider Glassberg
>a genius.  If true, I'm curious in what context this opinion is held.

Nowadays genius is defined in many ways.  But, you can't deny the great 
success the man's had in creating the wherewithal for attracting a large 
growing segment of the population interested in learning more about nature 
and specifically about butterflies.  More recently, he has published a new 
book, Dragonflies through Binoculars.. which I would guess for the same 
reason, because of a perceived need and an emerging interest in dragonflies. 
  It's possible that one day he may be as popular with his line of 
publications as a Peterson with his field guides-- time will tell.  But with 
him, it continues to be more than just field guides.  In any case, he sure 
gets a lot of press here...about one thread a month?  So, while you may 
dislike him philosophically, you can't deny he's helped to spark an 

This has been said before, but here's my version anyway.  To use an analogy, 
I compare his target audience with that of 'birders' in the birding 
community...not to be confused with ornithologists.  Birders (by most 
definitions) are mainly concerned with looking at birds and with 
identification.  Whereas ornithologists, amateur or professional, are by 
training, interested and involved in areas of study that may include 
taxonomy, ecology, behavior, etc.  Their interests also involve studies and 
gathering specimens and information for personal interest or for 

I think the same can be said if we differentiate between 'butterfly 
watchers' and lepidopterists.  NABA's main target niche are the 'butterfly 
watchers' or as they prefer, 'recreational butterfliers'... and, which by 
their own mission statement reads:

[NABA's mission is to increase public enjoyment and conservation of 
butterflies. NABA focuses on the joys of non-consumptive, recreational 
butterflying including listing, gardening, observation, photography, rearing 
and conservation.]

Now I personally don't have a problem with the 'at arms-length' philosohy of 
butterflying encouraged by NABA for the 'recreational' butterfly community.  
But, I am opposed to what is becoming 'the only correct way is my way' 
methodology that is trying to creep its way, by subtle and not so subtle 
statements, across the entire landscape an into the lepidopterist community.


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