Glassberg's Enigmatic Legacy

Patrick Foley patfoley at
Thu Jan 24 17:03:31 EST 2002

Jeffrey Glassberg is not a lawyer. He is a trained and succesful molecular
biologist who loves butterflies. I would do some things differently than he
does them, but I would be proud to have done what he has done. He is hardly
anti-science. If you want to attack anti-scientists, attack Bernard d'Abrera
or George Bush.

To view the demon in his lair, see

Scientist (population biology), collector (mostly bees), watcher (of anything
that gets near flowers) and thorn-in-side,
Patrick Foley
patfoley at

mbpi at wrote:

> I've commented before on my "take" on the much "feared and despised
> genius" of J. Glassberg...
> What none of you seem to have observed, embraced (or mirrored), is his
> propensity for "keeping his mouth shut," regarding his ACTUAL "credo of
> allegiance" to what he believes or doesn't believe.  J. Glassberg is a
> lawyer, well-trained and well-versed in "lawyerese."  J. Glassberg is
> also a much ingrained "New Yorker," the likes of which I've had 11 years
> of experience in dealing with.  And for all my years of experience with
> New Yorkers, there is one aspect of their persona that I have never been
> able to crack:  Their unwillingness (or inability) to respond
> appropriately to "confrontation."  Where you could normally "get a rise"
> out of someone you confront, New Yorkers simply "clam-up."  End of
> conversation...end of confrontation...end of "relating."  It's happened
> to me time and time, again:  No "passion of conviction...."
> no argument.
> I suggest you all follow-suit, or you'll only end up getting your
> "knickers in a twist," as I have (thanklessly) in the past...  Just
> ignore him/them as he/they "choose" to ignore YOU!
> Just my perspective...
> M.B. Prondzinski
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