Glassberg's Enigmatic Legacy

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at
Fri Jan 25 10:38:26 EST 2002

Mary Beth may  be right in her take on the generic New Yorker----but some of
the loudest confrontations I've had have been with New Yorkers (whatever they
may be).  On the other hand, those of us who hate confrontations really like
the internest where you can have confrontations without actually confronting

Mike Gochfeld

mbpi at wrote:

> I've commented before on my "take" on the much "feared and despised
> genius" of J. Glassberg...
> What none of you seem to have observed, embraced (or mirrored), is his
> propensity for "keeping his mouth shut," regarding his ACTUAL "credo of
> allegiance" to what he believes or doesn't believe.  J. Glassberg is a
> lawyer, well-trained and well-versed in "lawyerese."  J. Glassberg is
> also a much ingrained "New Yorker," the likes of which I've had 11 years
> of experience in dealing with.  And for all my years of experience with
> New Yorkers, there is one aspect of their persona that I have never been
> able to crack:  Their unwillingness (or inability) to respond
> appropriately to "confrontation."  Where you could normally "get a rise"
> out of someone you confront, New Yorkers simply "clam-up."  End of
> conversation...end of confrontation...end of "relating."  It's happened
> to me time and time, again:  No "passion of conviction...."
> no argument.
> I suggest you all follow-suit, or you'll only end up getting your
> "knickers in a twist," as I have (thanklessly) in the past...  Just
> ignore him/them as he/they "choose" to ignore YOU!
> Just my perspective...
> M.B. Prondzinski
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