Field trips for Collecting or Watching -- how about both at t he same time!

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Thank God for people and organizations like you and yours. I would be
honored to become a member.


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> In 1995 I co-founded the Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society.  At that
> time NABA was really taking off and pushing hard for local chapters.
> Completely turned off by the anti-collecting stance (and there is one,
> don't fool yourself) of the organization I wanted to offer an alternative
> to people.  The purpose of the DCLS is "to provide a forum for people to
> gather who share an interest in butterflies and moths, whether that
> interest takes the form of collecting, gardening, photography, study or
> casual observation."  We go on field trips throughout the spring, summer
> and fall and people are welcome to bring nets and collect if they want.
> They are just as welcome to bring their binoculars. We have lots of people
> who just observe, we have people who collect.  To my knowledge, we've
> never had a problem.  The two groups mingle just fine and gain from the
> shared perspectives of other members.  We are an inclusive group,
> welcoming anyone with an interest, whatever it may be.  That's why we
> aren't a NABA chapter and never will be.
> Dale Clark
> Dallas County Lepidopterists' Society
> Dallas, TX
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