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Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Fri Jan 25 13:19:19 EST 2002


Not that we must agree on this issue, but I just want to point out that
there are really only a few "little" things about your position that bother
me (hence the "Ahhh").  I'll mention these here, but will continue to look
forward to the day when we can enjoy a field trip together.  There have been
many close encounters - Lord knows I've driven past your door on more than
one occasion.  I can and do enjoy butterflying without a net on occasion -
especially when their are friends present.

You said:

> Regarding your comments below.  Folks who like to collect are 
> welcome to
> form their
> own field trips.

Of course they can, and they most certainly do.  I agree that it is
perfectly reasonable to prohibit collecting on a NABA field trip - and that
alone would not discourage me from participating with my net in the car.

> I am sorry.  Netting/collecting is not a group thing, no 
> matter how you
> may try to convince me that it is.

You're right.  This was someone else's argument - not mine.  Collecting is
meditation for me - I am almost always entirely alone, and indeed prefer it
that way.  I personally don't enjoy collecting with more than one other
person, and even with one other person I'm likely to be off on my own - lest
I get caught talking to the leps.  My NABA field trips are different - they
involve much "field fellowship", with plenty of teaching and mentoring.
It's great fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.  When group collecting
(which as I said I rarely do), the fellowship more commonly occurs in the
car, around a breakfast table, around a campfire, adjacent to honeybuckets,
or at the moth sheet (which for Leroy is similar to the honeybuckets).  In
the bush, I've sacredly reserved my fellowship to occur between myself, the
butterflies (who do talk to me, by the way) and mosquitoes (who don't).

> our way. And one of the last things I would do is try to "educate" the
> few folks who do take offense to collecting. I really don't 
> care if they
> feel that way.

On this point we do not agree.  I'm not suggesting that you force NABA field
trip participants to collect - I'm suggesting that the NABA charter should
include a proactive undoing of the myth that collectors and collecting are
evil.  Collecting types that participate "without a net" should not feel
squeamish about talking about collecting openly while hiking with their
binoculars.  This sort of openness and educated response SHOULD be part of
NABAs business - it's better for the people, to be sure, but also for the

> Why don't some of you, alone or together, leave your nets at home one
> day, get a good pair of close-focus binoculars, or a camera 
> with a macro
> lens go out do a walk the NABA way?  You might like it!  In 
> ways it may
> be a lot more challenging than you realize.

I don't doubt that this is true - the challenging part that is.  I know I
wouldn't enjoy it as much - and that's ok.  To each his own.  As I said,
though - I will look forward to joining you on your field trips, as I can be
of additional assistance in identifying what we see.  I'll opt to leave the
binoculars to someone more coordinated, though - if that's ok. };>)

Mark Walker.


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