animal torture for pleasure

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> This disturbs me a lot because there is some evidence that these are
> the kind of people that move on to torturing peoples pets and other
> animals and eventually rape and kill people.  Not always but some do.
> There is some deep psychological stuff going on there.
> Rich

As a minister and pastor I can tell you that Rich is absolutely right.  We
as a society need to pay a lot more attention to "infliction" patterns in
little kids and teens.  Why do they want to cause hurt - and who will they
eventually hurt or perhaps kill?

This is also why those who do collect need to wake up and put the 1+1
together.  When the hyper don't-hurt-the-butterfly group compare collectors
to killers this is why they do it.  They are well aware of the fact that
many rapist and murderers have histories of being sick kids with infliction
syndrome who hurt bugs, slugs, pets etc.  They honestly think "we" enjoy
this - or - that in teaching our kids to "kill" butterflies it will make
them like the real G-man, Gordon G. Liddy (did I spell him correctly?)

Let me rephrase this. They think collectors are actually bad people -
criminals who should be locked away - and whose activity should be stopped
100%.  Humm, I seem to remember someone who claims to be pro collecting but
often justifies his jugular attacks on individuals because he says they are
"bad" people.

Let me refocus in on this a little further.  What they (the radical micro
minority) really want (if allowed to happen) would be to stop "scientific"
collecting too.  Look they are anti-collecting period.  Can't we see that
they really have lumped (not for science) but to put forth the falsehood
that all species are scientifically known (esp. butterflies in the eastern
US) and that therefore none should be (amateurs) nor _need be_ (scientific)

Once they get the guns (nets) out of the hands of general society
(recreational collectors)  they will then move to disarm the military and
police (scientists).  If collecting is bad - then everyone who collects is
a bad (wicked, perverse) person.  This very vocal and active minority have
the scientists fooled into thinking that they will not ultimately be the
target too.  This is indeed not about collecting and non-collecting with
this element it is about anti-collecting.

My post here is not about or against NABA or watchers or any such thing.
(Though the radicals always jump in here to deflect attention from
themselves by trying to make us think this is what posts like this are
about )  This is a wake up call that these radical elements deserve to be
offended and told to take their divisive venom elsewhere.  Quit empowering
them by meeting their every radical whim -- like them not even wanting the
words "collect" or "voucher"  mentioned!  These people are classic
fascists!  These are the people who become enviro-terrorists.  Lying is
also one of their key tools.  Thus, if they can't stop collecting they will
do their best to lie and manipulat the state DNS's and F&EW into "listing"
everything they can possibly get them to list.

Some will feel like posting a reply to me that I am making a mountain out
of a mole hill and that there are so few of these people we just need to
drop it.   My answer to that is get your head out of the sand.    If there
were only 10 of these people in this whole country that would be 12 too
many.  It only took 10 people - five on each plane - to bring this country
to its knees almost start world war three - and still may.  Radicals count
on the fools in the masses who do not understand the power of One.  Hitler,
bin Laden, Jesus, King Jr., for good or for bad it only takes ONE to
kill/save the whole bunch.

Ron Gatrelle

PS  If you study Jim Jones you will find he did a great deal of real good -
before he led everyone to the Kool-aid.


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