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Richard Worth wrote:
> I don't know of any either.  I have seen children on NABA counts
> before handle a butterfly (that was caught for ID purposes and then
> to be released) so much until it was unrecognizable and ultimately
> doomed (slowly staggering off into the brush).  And the "adults" did
> nothing to stop them nor did they teach them to properly kill it
> quickly and mount it later for a good ID.

That would be fine in the best of all possible worlds.  On our counts we
have from 10 to 20 folks.  So we have to break into groups of two or
three and spread out.
We encourage folks who are not sure of what they see - or if they find
something unusual to the count, to bring it back (if they are in an area
where the taking of butterlies is legal - most of the range of our
counts out here) to the compilation.  Some folks choose to just
photograph.  And of course in the one biologically sensitive area of the
Portal Count that I compile for our SEABA chapter (the rest of the
counts here are not affiliated with any group - though the same folks
seem to be on all the counts here)  collecting or even netting is
forbidden.  I and who whoever is with me usually do this - the South
Fork of Cave Creek - as part of the area I cover.
We like to be as accurate as possible on our counts.  To be otherwise
would render them useless as even a semi-scientific exercise.
There is a big difference between a count and a field trip.  If a person
is not familiar with the local species he is usually assigned to go with
folks who are.  No kids have shown up yet on any of our Arizona counts. 
It never hurts to have an extra pair of eyes.
There are some collectors who refuse to have novices tag along, because
it detracts from the concentration they feel they need, I suppose.  I
guess that is where I got the idea that collectors mainly like to ply
their hobby more or less alone or with folks they feel comfortable with.
Anyhow - that is how the counts are done out here and have been for many
years before I or NABA arrived on the scene and those folks have the
right to conduct the counts as they see fit.  I feel priviledged when
one of these guys asks me to go out in the field with them.
Some of these people (who will remain nameless) have knowledge that
really humbles mine!
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