animal torture for pleasure

Richard Worth rworth at
Fri Jan 25 12:35:47 EST 2002

I don't know of any either.  I have seen children on NABA counts 
before handle a butterfly (that was caught for ID purposes and then 
to be released) so much until it was unrecognizable and ultimately 
doomed (slowly staggering off into the brush).  And the "adults" did 
nothing to stop them nor did they teach them to properly kill it 
quickly and mount it later for a good ID.
>killing butterflies _at all_.   In fact I don't know of _any_
>lepidopterist/collector that derives joy from killing a butterfly or moth.

This disturbs me a lot because there is some evidence that these are 
the kind of people that move on to torturing peoples pets and other 
animals and eventually rape and kill people.  Not always but some do. 
There is some deep psychological stuff going on there.
>One night a casual high school friend joined me, out of curiosity, 
>and observed my collecting
>activities at a shopping center.  He really was taken with my method for
>killing moths, and with a look of great glee on his face went around
>injecting all the Carabid beetles he could find. The best I could figure
>is that he really got enjoyment out of seeing them writher in the
>process of dying.

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