Stan Gorodenski stanlep at
Thu Jan 24 20:36:09 EST 2002

> killing butterflies _at all_.   In fact I don't know of _any_
> lepidopterist/collector that derives joy from killing a butterfly or moth.

My comment is not in contradiction to what Ron just stated because it
does not involve lepidopterist's or collectors.  When I was in high
school many years ago I used to collect moths at night and killed the
large Sphingids by injecting them with rubbing alcohol using a
hypodermic syringe (then I could buy, as a kid, very nicely made glass
syringes.  As an adult I have trouble buying even the cheap plastic ones
because of the drug problem in our society).  One night a casual high
school friend joined me, out of curiosity, and observed my collecting
activities at a shopping center.  He really was taken with my method for
killing moths, and with a look of great glee on his face went around
injecting all the Carabid beetles he could find. The best I could figure
is that he really got enjoyment out of seeing them writher in the
process of dying.



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