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Paul Cherubini monarch at
Mon Jan 28 15:44:20 EST 2002

Richard Worth wrote:

> While I was in the field
> last summer doing work on some other exotic (and toxic) weed,  I ran
> into some Buddleia growing along the Clackamas River and I see now
> what an impact it can have.  It can completely dominate habitat that
> should be filled in by willows, and of course, willows are food for a 
> great many lep species, not to mention all the other niches it fills.

I have a special interest in Buddleia and have spent a considerable 
amount of time intentionally searching it out in western Oregon
and Washington.  All I have seen is the occassional Buddleia bush 
in industrial/suburban habitats where the original douglas fir forest 
was clear cut decades ago.  I have not seen Buddeia choke out 
native willows to more than a small, very localized degree.
In other words, the willows are still abundant in areas where butterfly 
bush is common. So I would expect that Buddleia has not significantly 
reduced the food supply of leps that use willows as a host plant in
western Oregon.  

So far in my travels the two hot spots to see alot of Buddleia
are in Brookings, Oregon (SW Oregon coast) and in Tacoma,
Washington. If you or others know or hear about other specific areas
in the Pacific northwest I'd love to hear about them. 

Paul Cherubini


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