e-life, real life and the Miami Blue

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Mon Jan 28 17:31:41 EST 2002

I thought this might be worth passing along.  What we are privy to on an
email list serve is not reflective of the whole of real life in the real
world.  For example, Neil Jones and I are working together (and happily so)
(along with some other mouthy types known to frequent this and other lists)
on the Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project.

The point of this post is for those who lurk or who are more gentile souls
to not assume from even the most flaming exchanges here that the
philosophical antagonists are limited in their real life to what is seen
through this peep hole.

Strong leaders and strong personalities tend to go hand in hand.  Thus,
what one may observe from a distance or from only one corner is likely to
render a very distorted view if applied to the unseen whole.  Further, even
the best of marriages have times of disagreement, yelling, venting, and
sleeping in different beds till the current issue goes away.

The International Lepidoptera Survey is the umbrella organization under
which the MBBRP is being sponsored.  Bob Parcelles Jr. is the Project
Director.  John Calhoun is the main science advisor.   Neil is doing a web
page and will likely be on the finance committee as it shapes up.  Anne
Kilmer is filling many shoes at this juncture. Lots of others are in
consultation and lots of other groups - including NABA chapters.    This is
some coalition.

For those who are of a mind to donate funds to this project that may be
done by going to this TILS URL http://tils-ttr.org/donate.html  These funds
are fully US tax deductible and will remain in this project as they are
specifically designated.  One Note.  When you go to this site you will see
two animated link buttons - both say "check".  This is an error.  The one
on the left is for on line credit card donations.  When the webmaster
reformatted the site he just put up the wrong graphic on the left - so
don't let that throw you.  When you click on the left button it will bring
up the list of which area you wish to donate to.  You will note that the
credit card graphic is the proper one there.   Choose the area you wish to
give to and that will take you to the actual form  to make the transaction.

You can also just hit the right "check" button on the main page and print
out the form and contribute by check and regular mail.

Do help out financially and get involved personally.  This is not about
governments, organizations, or persons -- it is about a little butterfly
that is currently in need of help.

Ron Gatrelle
TILS president
Charleston, SC - USA


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