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The Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project is moving along nicely
with a lot of science and a lot of enthusiasm. The orgnization is
picking up volunteers and undergoing the organizational necessities
that are necessary when so many groups and people will ultimately be
involved. The MBBRP is cuurrently writing its 4-phase _Miami Blue
Butterfly Recovery Plan_ (MBBRP/Doc)

Operating under the The International Lepidoptera Survey (TILS) with
the sponsorship by the Clean Millenium Movement's (C2M) Institute of
Ecological and Environmental Studies (IEES), the project (MBBRP) is
filling up its personell slots and forming the Steering and Oversight
Committee, support groups, (PR, Fundraising, Liason. Publications,
Environmental Education and others as needed) and Science Teams of
botanists, entomologists and ecologists. MBBRP has as it's goal and
purpose to restore and preserve the Miami Blue Butterfly and protect
its habitat. It's function is to direct and support the Miami Blue
Butterfly Recovery Team... Anne Kilmer's "Miami Blue Crew"... a
coalition task force of many groups and individuals in South Florida.

Its core so far is from the "Butterfly Coalition" which had such
great success with the Atala. We have NABA chapters, arborists,
landscapers, garden clubs, Master Gardener's, and many others
already. School children, scouts and environmental orgs will all be
part of the the South Florida team. I hav ecalls from as far north as
Ft Meyer's wanting to be on the Task Force. 

The Steering Committee, so far, consists of Myself as Project
Director and Chairman of the Steering Committee, Howard Wolf,
President of the Zebra NABA Chapter and Programs Director of IEES,
Vice Chairman-Support, John Calhoun, Vice-Chairman-Science, Anne
Kilmer-Task Force Director. Katy Anderson, C2M's Environmental
Communications Specialist is a Special Assistant to the Project
Director to help John's A Team of Scientists (4 or more,including
Kurt Johnson, Marc Minno and Marc Salvato) Plus several already
coming on the teams with grant writing, Howards PR Group with press
releases etc. And help moderate the Yahoo Group for Project (MBBRP)
and Task Force(MBBRT)members as well as help John, Anne and myself
keep files and photos archived properly that members upload. I will
be bringing this on line shortly.

We have Pam Trass, author of a popular butterfly gardening book 
serving as a consultant on the steering committee, as well as a
forming team of botanists so we can know how to best help the plant
people in South Florida, who are going to be actually planting and
propagating host plants. Science teams are going to research
alternate hosts and propagation methods for them. 

Neil Jones, from South Wales is Webmaster and we will open the
website for the public shortly. Neil will be helping raise support
for the project in the UK. They have already lost most of their

Our own Tim Addams is the Photography Coordinator. His task is to
archive photos, help Anne assign jobs to the many photographers she
will have in South Florida, and assist Neil in getting images for the
Website. Neat huh? 

John's A team as well as the other scince teams inder them already
have some of the top entomologists and botanists. And more are
helping in a limited way. We are developing an organized, well
defined structure that can mold and adapt to the changes while the
project goes through an Organizational Phase (I), a Preparation Phase
(II), an Action Phase (III), and a sustained Monitoring and Education
Phase, (IV). This last phase will be a winding down of the Task
Force, with groups on an individual basis, planting hosts and
introducing larva. At the same time population monitoring under the
Project, TILS, C2M's Institute and other consulting firms will be
on-going indefinitly. Some of us will start collateral studies of
other threatened butterfly species and subspecies, using our
documentated methods. The skeleton force will be able to grow back
into the multitude of volunteers we are expecting now for a new
program very quickly and easily. We are on the the 14th day of the
project. Pretty remarkable I must say! Anne's Miami Blue Crew is
straining and raring at the bit to go but not until Phase II and of
course phase III.

I will give a more complete update in several days. And Next week
Anne will describe the Task Force, the Miami Blue Butterfly Recovery
Team ("Miami Blue Crew") in more detail. I will post the url of the
website when it is up. The MBBRP-List will come on line this week
when i fel the protocals are establishe for communications. it is an
announcemnet list from coommittes, groups and teams to Project as
well as Task force members. Discussion will be only constructive and
everybodies opinion on every topic is , unfortuneatly not welcome to
insure keeping the traffic down. One can set at NO MAIL, INDIVIDUAL
MAIL (default setting) or DAILY DIGEST. Sorry, SPECIAL NOTICE  will
cause deletion from the list. I hope for us to be an *actionist*, not
an activist and certainly not a talk project... PROactive to the max.

["Actionist not activist" was was coined by Beth Connor,National
Sierra Club Organizor, one of my guests on "Ecology Today" this
morning. I think it might stick. 

We welcome support and help from you all. Stay tuned for more
information about how you can be a part of this Project.

Best regards,

Bob Parcelles, Jr.
Director, Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project
Chairman, steering and Oversight committee
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Bob Parcelles, Jr
Pinellas Park, FL
RJP Associates, C2M-BWPTi
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