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Bob Parcelles,Jr. wrote:


 We are on the the 14th day of the project. Pretty remarkable I must say! Anne's Miami Blue Crew is
> straining and raring at the bit to go but not until Phase II and of
> course phase III.

Hey, if we want all the collectors and rearers and local butterfly 
gardeners to help sort the seed pods the arborists collect when they're 
trimming in private yards, they'd better at least know to plan to spend 
Spring Break in the Keys, where it is sunny and warm. They need to find 
a supply of the host plant: among possibilities, Cardiospermum spp. (C. 
halicacabum is listed in many states, though not in Florida, as an 
exotic pest plant) along with a supply of native leguminous weeds.
But no, my lips are sealed ... Bob, Bob, the log chains aren't holding ...

> I will give a more complete update in several days. And Next week
> Anne will describe the Task Force, the Miami Blue Butterfly Recovery
> Team ("Miami Blue Crew") in more detail. I will post the url of the
> website when it is up. The MBBRP-List will come on line this week
> when I feel the protocols are established for communications. it is an
> announcement list from committees, groups and teams to Project as
> well as Task force members. Discussion will be only constructive and
> everybody's opinion on every topic is, unfortunately, not welcome to
> insure keeping the traffic down. One can set at NO MAIL, INDIVIDUAL
> MAIL (default setting) or DAILY DIGEST. Sorry, SPECIAL NOTICE  will
> cause deletion from the list. I hope for us to be an *actionist*, not
> an activist and certainly not a talk project... PROactive to the max.

Speaking as the Task Force Director, I say we'll do an FAQ as soon as we 
can. If anybody new speaks up before that's done, you must be 
volunteering to prepare that FAQ. So far, everyone who began with a 
negative question or comment has joined up and is dedicating enormous 
amounts of unpaid time on the project. Bob Parcelles is trying to 
organize the archives while dealing with my exuberance and the cautious 
optimism of the Science Department, and he's being spread too thin.

I just ask that people read the archives before jumping in. They will 
include the paper written by John Calhoun on the Miami Blue, the item in 
the Federal Register, written by David Martin of USFWS, which describes 
the butterfly's problems and suggests captive rearing, Marc Minno's 
schoolyard experiments for blue-butterfly gardeners,  Jeff Glassberg's 
editorials requesting the public to take action to save this rare 
butterfly, and material on the host plants and their various charms and 
All this will also be available on the public web page Neil is doing.
I'm a dirty-hands activist, rather than a clean-hands activist, (so are 
all my friends) and I want my word back. let the political powerbags 
find their own word.

Meanwhile, go ahead, flame me, but don't say I haven't warned you, and 
please, read the Federal Register first.

> ["Actionist not activist" was was coined by Beth Connor,National
> Sierra Club Organizor, one of my guests on "Ecology Today" this
> morning. I think it might stick. 
> We welcome support and help from you all. Stay tuned for more
> information about how you can be a part of this Project.
> Best regards,
> Bob Parcelles, Jr.
> Director, Miami Blue Butterfly Restoration Project
> Chairman, steering and Oversight committee
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