What is a lepidopterists.

Ron Gatrelle gatrelle at tils-ttr.org
Tue Jan 29 03:54:20 EST 2002

It is very likely that some did not like the post I recently put up on this
topic.  Fine.  No problem.  You are that big majority of people to whom
that "bigot" picture I painted did not apply.  You are innocent.  But here
is what I want you to notice.  There are a fairly large number of us out
here who _feel_ and _perceive_ that my scenario is reality.  Something is
causing us to feel this way.  I repeat something _is_ offending us.  Where
there is smoke there is fire.  I don't like mentioning groups or specific
people.  But the conversation I put in my last post was a rendition of an
actual occurrence with some added by me for effect.  I was told this by a
watcher friend of mine as a conversation he heard while on a local  (his
area not mine) field trip sponsored by a regional group.

There is an element out there that has a definite agenda and they are
hostile to "lepidopterists".  They have synonymized lepidopterist with evil
collector.  There most identifying characteristic is their militant stand
against collecting.  They are not just non-collectors they are
anti-collectors.  And this is why they are anti-science.  If they allow it
to be know that there are still many taxa of lepidoptera to be discovered
and researched, even in well known areas of the world like North America,
they know this will legitimize collecting.  So in order to keep collecting
at bay they have to lump, bump, and pump the illusion that all is done --
except for a few loose ends that the "scientists" can take care of.


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