animal torture for pleasure

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Tue Jan 29 05:02:49 EST 2002

The anti-science "movement" goes both ways, not just for some 
environmentalists. Last summer, during the second worst drought on record 
here in southern Oregon, water "rights" were cut off under the auspsices of 
the ESA to local farmers because of two endangered sucker fish in the 
legendary Klamath Basin marshlands and threatened downstream salmon runs. 
Until Sept 11 stole the light, this was THE story here and was seized up by 
the far right and nationwide as an example of government "bad science." Rush 
even dedicated a show to it. A four month standoff between "wise use" 
advocates ("Camp Headgate")and federal police became incredibly tense, there 
were reports of racial threats against the Klamath Indians dependent on the 
fish, and the canal headgates were forced open on three seperate occassions. 
  It was an ugly scene, and the protestors demanded "better science." Of 
course, I do not mean to demonize the protestors because they merely were 
attempting to stand up for their livelihoods.  I could go into greater 
details, but will not to save space.
  Science is not a pure and independent as we all would like it to be.  
Political biases can absolutely slant scientific conclusions and visa versa. 
Pick your enemy and mold the science to your favor.
  I know the east could use a little winter right now, but we are thanking 
the gods that the trough has settled over the northwest this year. Snow 
packs are 150-185% of normal and the fears of another catastrophic drought 
have pretty much abated.

Erik Runquist
Ashland, OR

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> > I have, myself, even recently began to wonder about for example, the
> > "Discovery Channel" itself, in terms of the validity of some of what is
> > being shown,
>The Discovery Channel channel, TLC, etc. are full of outright 
>programming. Even some of the better shows have a pseudo-science element.
>It is virtually impossible for the average person to separate real science
>from pseudo-science in these shows.
> > and whether the "anti-scientific" element (which is to me is an
> > essential part of the animal activist movement).
>There's an anti-scientific element in the whole environmental movement.
>That element spins the science or adopts pseudo-science whenever the
>real science doesn't fit their agenda. The agenda is humans manipulate
>nature with the help of scientific discovery and technological innovation,
>manipulation of nature is bad, therefore humans are bad for nature and need
>to be stopped.
> > Here in my own stste, the recent post by
> > the "local authority" that two Elfins had been successfully petitioned 
> > "listing" was regarded by local "watchers" as a victory. Over whom, do 
> > suppose?
>"Nature" over humans.
>Chuck <aa6g at>
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