Costa Rican Moth

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That sure is it - Thanks Martin.  Your post is an example of this listserve
at its best!


For those who were wondering what it was, his answer is below.
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>Dear John
>Although quite dark-looking, your friends moth is Sosxetra grata Walker,
>1862 (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae).
>If our collection is anything to go by it occurs throughout much of Central
>and South America, from Mexico to Paraguay, and on some of the West Indies
>(e.g Trinidad). A set specimen is shown on the Moths of Belize web site:
>It's also on <> which is copied from
>Tropical Lepidoptera 4(2) inside back cover. If the picture there is
>anything to go by the scales you mention (plus others) must be to do with
>breaking up the moth's outline as an aid to camouflage.
>There's also a list of the INBIO material of this species at:
>Best wishes
>ps nice pic
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