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Liz Day beebuzz at kiva.net
Tue Jan 29 13:16:42 EST 2002

 >>It does well in both cold, foggy, cloudy, rainy climates like
 >>Pacific northwest and hot, dry inland areas such as the
 >>central Valley of California.
 > Also, it does very well back east too.
 >There was one plant down the street from us growing right up through
 >a crack in the street at the curb (they had a planted one too,
 >probably a seed that washed down the driveway.

All this is surely true but bizarre to hear.   I went to some effort to get 
ours to grow and after years they still were barely hanging on despite good 
garden care - must be the cold winter - I've never found a volunteer 
seedling - hard to imagine this expensive and unreliable plant as a pest!!

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