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 >Are you possibly speaking of Buddleia davidii, the famed "Butterfly
 >Bush".  I'm not sure of the problem in California, but here in
 >Oregon, it is becoming a problem.....

I understand it's a pest in England.   Only, I'm puzzled, because my 
experience in growing it in Indiana and also what I hear from my English 
friend is that it likes hot, sunny, very well-drained areas.   This doesn't

sound right for a wetland invader, nor one in the Pacific Northwest.   !!??

IMHO, here in the UK Buddleja is not really a pest.  It will seed
prolifically and can be invasive in particualar habitats.  Brownfield
sites, 'untidy' urban areas, railway lines (amongst the ballast), disused
gravel or sand workings and other disturbed areas are where it does best
and it can form quite extensive blocks of scrub.  Out in the wider
countryside it is not very often seen as a self seeded plant.  Not too many
inverts on the plant itself, though the late summer flowers can be good for
Nymphalids and Pierids.  Short tongued bumble bees, particularly
pre-hibernation B. terrestris queens seem to be attracted to the plant.



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