What is a lepidopterist?

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--- Paul Cherubini <monarch at saber.net> wrote:
> Anne Kilmer wrote:
> > Why here we are, all working together to save the Miami Blue
> Yes and releases of captive reared Miami Blues are a part of your
> plan to save it.  How ironic that for years Neil, Glassberg,
> yourself, 
> etc. have voiced great opposition to releases of captive reared
> monarchs and painted ladies yet now you all stand united in
> favor of releases to save a butterfly from extinction. 
> Are you all going to abide by the NABA requirement to paint 
> small color dots on these farm reared Miami Blues so 
> that butterfly watchers can distinguish them as farmed
> Blues and not wild butterflies?
> http://www.mindspring.com/~cherubini/naba.jpg
> Paul Cherubini

Touche Paul! 

You caught a fly ball. However, It is likly that the population of C.
thomasi in South Florida is below the density that taxonomists would
have any concern of mixing up the gene pool. As far as tagging some
DNA base lines would be more than adequate. We quite frankly wish to
know the differences form West Indian populations and where allo and
sympatry exist. The Entire complex neds to be studyied. What we are
starting here is a plan that can be adapted and reconstituted for the
recovery of other species in florida and even elswhere. Endangered
Species biogists do not rank populations, specific or subspecific, as
to economic or even esthetic importance. Activists,pr people, media
types, and environmentalists do that. From an ecological stand point
we are looking for the saving of ecosytems, sustaining biodiverstity
and keeping extinction more close to an historical rate. (I am not
trying to start a thread on catasthropic events, please.)

Come on down, Paul and do some real science; but please leave your
spray can home...:)


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