What is a lepidopterist?

Paul Cherubini monarch at saber.net
Tue Jan 29 19:48:01 EST 2002

Anne Kilmer wrote:

> As Bob points out, these butterflies are sufficiently improbable to
> catch the eye.

Don't all of you recognize the potential harm you could cause to 
the south Florida Miami Blue population by rearing and releasing
breeding stock acquired in the West Indies?
Do you think the commercial butterfly breeders are going to let 
you get by with breeding and releasing non-local Miami Blues?
Heck, we're already working on a press release:
The butterfly breeders association fears that captive raised Miami 
Blues, using breeding stock acquired from the West Indies, could 
alter the genetic make-up of the endangered south Florida area  
population. "It's cruel and terrible behavior, Cherubini says, likening 
it to promoting cigarettes and pornography. "West Indies Blues 
might be navigationally confused when relocated to south Florida 
and unable to find the larval host plants activists have planted for

Mr. Cherubini's cheif concern is that captive raised Miami 
Blues could spread disease to the endangered south Florida
area population or even foster the development of new 
diseases.  There's no proof this has ever happened, he
concedes, "but there's no way to prove they're going to
cause a disaster until they do and then it's too late".


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