Robert Kriegel kriegelr at
Wed Jan 30 15:12:43 EST 2002

The first time I sent the following message it got cut off after the first
two paragraphs so I'll try again.

Bob, Anne, Neil et al.

It is really amazing to see how you folks have put together a dedicated
group to work with Miami Blues, and done it so quickly.  I wish you great
success.  Do you have anyone in an advisory position with your group who
has previously worked on the restoration of a federally endangered species
of Lepidoptera in the U.S.?  I don't ask this to minimize the talents of
your group but to alert you to some of the restrictions your project will
face if you ARE successful at getting the species listed as federally
endangered and proceed with your recovery plan.  And no I'm not available;
I have my pro bono hands full attempting to deal with state listed leps in
a single, northern state.

I suggest you contact the Toledo Zoo and talk to them about what it took to
get the federally endangered Karner Blue butterfly successfully
reintroduced into Ohio.  I recently saw an excellent presentation on this
project by zoo personnel at the Winter meeting of the Ohio Lepidopterists
society.  A scientific group which, by the way, welcomes everyone with an
interest in moths and butterflies be they collector, photographer or watcher.

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