Photographing (genitalia) slides

Kenelm Philip fnkwp at
Wed Jul 3 02:15:49 EDT 2002

Many years ago I was struck by the clarity of the genitalic photos in
Warren's 'Monograph on the Genus _Erebia_ '. Some time later, while
experimenting with photomicrography, I came up with a setup that (I
believe) essentially duplicated what Warren was using. This was with a
Wild M-11 compound microscope.

I added a low-power objective (Leitz 1.6X), and used a widefield swing-
out condenser with an NA of 0.30 with the upper lens swung out. Note that
when setting up Kohler illumination with a low-power condenser, you should
focus the lamp diaphragm on the objective front lens, rather than on the
substage condeser diaphragm--and after that you will find the the functions
of the lamp diaphragm and substage condenser diaphragm are to some extnet

Then I used an eyepiece camera--and was pleasantly surprised to find the
photos were essentially of the same quality as Warren's. The eyepiece
for the camera was 10X, so I was geting a 16X image--very close to

Anyone who is conversant with older techniques for light microscopy
should be able to help you set up something like the above. The key
components are the low-power objective and low-power condenser, plus
the appropriate lamp for Kohler illumination. And the objective should
be of high quality.

						Ken Philip


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