killing butterflies for fun???

Chris J. Durden drdn at
Thu Jul 4 00:11:13 EDT 2002

You are quite right.
    How many self-styled conservationists operate bug zappers, spray raid 
or treat their lawns with -cides?
    A lot of we collectors do not. We have a true reverence for nature and 
present a small offering before each harvest! We tend to wince at the splat 
....................Chris Durden

At 07:21 PM 7/3/2002 -0400, you wrote:

>John wrote that he doesn't think the car killing hypocrisy argument is a 
>good one.  I guess, while I agree with some of what he's suggesting, I 
>don't agree with much of it.
>There is no question that I go waaaay out of my way to kill insects.  On 
>the other hand, I am absolutely 1000% more conscientious about my 
>interactions with wildlife than the average bear.  I DO notice how many 
>bugs are being whacked by my windshield, and I DO go out of my way to 
>minimize this to the extent possible.  I DO believe that many who take 
>exception to my purposeful killing of insects are unwittingly and 
>obnoxiously hypocritical about it - and they are in dire need of some 
>education.  I don't find the vehicle argument OR the mosquito argument 
>silly.  I find them frustrating.
>Mark Walker.


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